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$2500 - $4000

Expedition to Mt. Kun

Pre Monsoon     Difficult     10    
7077 m     20 Days     20 Nights    

$2500 - $4000

Expedition to Mt. Trishul 1

Post Monsoon     Difficult     10    
7120 m     20 Days     20 Nights    

$2500 - $4000

Expedition to Mt. Satopanth

Post/Pre Monsoon     Difficult     10    
7075 m     20 Days     20 Nights    

Travelling Highlights

Experience the majestic scenery with panoramic views from the peaks, perfect for capturing breathtaking photos, especially during sunrise and sunset when the sky transforms with vibrant colors. Explore trails suited for all levels, from beginners to seasoned hikers, with options for guided tours to uncover hidden gems and learn about local flora and fauna. Enjoy wildlife encounters, including bird watching and spotting unique animals native to the mountainous region, adding an extra layer of excitement to your adventure.

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Customer Reviews

  • First One

    Akriti Semwal

    My expedition experience with Alpine India Expeditions was nothing short of incredible. The team's passion for the outdoors was infectious, and their commitment to safety and sustainability made me appreciate the natural world even more. A must-do for any adventure enthusiast!

  • second one

    Anas Zubair

    My expedition experience with Alpine India Expeditions was truly unforgettable. The guides were knowledgeable, the equipment top-notch, and the views breathtaking. Highly recommend!

  • fourth muscle

    Vina Thakur

    Well organized and hugely enjoyable expedition. Great team leader, good food and accommodations arrangement by the organizer. Thank you for the amazing experience.

  • training fifth

    Kavita Rawat

    Alpine India Expeditions provided an exceptional expedition experience that combined adventure, learning, and camaraderie. I left the expedition feeling inspired and grateful for the opportunity to explore the great outdoors with such a fantastic team.

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